C.C. Radler                                                                                                        $9.00
Cold Cock Herbal American Whiskey, Canton Ginger Liqueur, and Stiegl Radler Grapefruit Cider

Pomegranate Popper                                                                                     $10.00
Cucumber and Jalapeno Infused Vodka, Pomegranate Liqueur, Triple Sec, Club Soda

Mez-Mar-ita                                                                                                     $10.00
Del Maguey "Vida" Mezcal, Gran Marnier, Agave Syrup, Lemon Juice, Lemon Bitters, Salted Rim
Think of a smokey version of a margarita

Ginger Margarita                                                                                            $12.00
Patron Silver Tequila, Canton Giner Liqueur, Agave Syrup, Lemon Juice Salted Rim

French Mojito                                                                                                  $12.00
Batiste Rum Agricole, Lime Juice, Fresh Mint, Agave Syrup

The Jimmy                                                                                                      $12.00
Hendrick's Gin, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Splash of Soda

Tempting Apple                                                                                              $10.00
Templeton Rye Whiskey, Apple Liqueur, Cranberry, Cinnamon Apple Slice

The Son-in-Law                                                                                                $9.00
Jack Daniels, Peach Liqueur, Iced Tea

Peanutbutter & Jelly Float                                                                             $10.00
Peanutbutter, Milk Stout, Chamboard, Vanilla Ice Cream

VINO'S Sangria (Red)                                                                                       $8.50
Red wine, Jim Beam, Triple Sec, Pineapple and Cranberry Juices

VINO'S Sangria (White)                                                                                    $8.50
Stoli Blueberry, Triple Sec, Lemonade